Be A Branding Super-Star

Eliminate Your Competition 

Increase Your Prices Effortlessly & They’ll Be Grateful

10 Chapters – 10 Hours Of Your Time – 10 Weeks Printed

Employees: prepare for raises & promotions.

Entrepreneurs: prepare for huge sales.

Increase Visibility – Increase Credibility – Increase Wealth

This is a highly-interactive, highly-personalized system…

  • Once you have completed Module #1, Raymond will work with you to get a perfect Topic & Title
  • Raymond will reveal the perfect book length
  • You will have more authority, even before your book is done
  • You will finish your book even if you’ve never written before or if English is not your first language
  • You will be guided every step of the way with an easy-to-follow guidebook, yours to keep
  • You may write as many books as you wish, no extra charge, just by taking the course once


  1. Raymond will assign his own Personal Book Architect to you
  2. Raymond will help you to get a Perfect Topic and Title
  3. Raymond will reveal the Perfect Book Length
  4. You have ONE YEAR to complete the 10-10-10 Program™
  5. You will have more Authority, even before your book is done
  6. Using the 10-10-10 Program™ Ghost Writing Protocol, Raymond will write the Foreword for your book
  7. Once your Book is written, Raymond will publish your book
  8. Raymond will also publish any subsequent book you will ever write
  9. Raymond will list your book for sale on and you keep all the proceeds
  10. At his own expense, Raymond will host your Official Book Launch to promote you and your book, where you sell your book and keep 100% of the sales

Raymond Aaron, Best-selling Author & Creator Of The 10-10-10 Technique

Raymond Aaron, Bestselling Author, Creator of the 10-10-10 Technique

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