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This is a highly-interactive, highly-personalized system…

  • Raymond will work with you to select the perfect topic for your book so you can
    make money
  • Raymond will work with you to select the perfect title for your book
  • Raymond will answer every one of your questions to help you create your success
  • You will learn how to monetize your book, so you get $$$, not just a book
  • You will finish your book even if you’ve never written before or if English is not
    your first language
  • You will be guided every step of the way with an easy-to-follow guidebook, yours
    to keep
  • You may write as many books as you wish, no extra charge, just by taking the course


Guarantee #1 Raymond will work with you to get a perfect Topic & Title

Guarantee #2 Raymond will reveal the perfect book length

Guarantee #3 You will get a professional cover in under 30 minutes FREE

Guarantee #4 You will have more authority, even before your book is done

Guarantee #5 Raymond will write the Foreword for your book

(Using the 10-10-10 ProgramTM Ghost Writing Protocol)

PLATINUM PLUS (10x better than Platinum)

You’ll get ALL of Platinum PLUS …

Guarantee #6 Raymond will assign his own Personal Book Architect to you

Guarantee #7 Raymond will publish your book

Guarantee #8 Raymond will host your official book launch

DONE-FOR-ME (100x better than Platinum Plus)

You’ll get ALL of Platinum PLUS …

Guarantee #10 Your book will be completed, as if you wrote it,
published and 100 copies delivered to your door.

Raymond Aaron, Best-selling Author & Creator Of The 10-10-10 Technique

Raymond Aaron, Best-selling Author, Creator of the 10-10-10 Technique

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