New Website Submission Form

The New Website Submission Form

Thanks for trusting the Done-for-Me team with your book's website. This form is an exciting first step. However, it is a little long so please allow some time to fill it all in and please make sure that there are no spelling errors as the content will be used in each section of your site. You are able to save the form and return to complete later. The "Save and Return" link is at the button of each page of this form. When you save, you will be sent a link in your email. Just click on that link to return to the form when you are ready to complete. This link is only active for 30 days, after that your information is lost and you will need to start over. Let's get started!

Step 1 of 6 - Purpose

  • Reflect back to when you started writing your book, and share your purpose.

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